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Tips and advice



Preparations for your Stencilling Project


Before forging ahead with a stencil project, it is vital the surface you are working on has been prepared correctly. The surface must be highly smooth and even as rough surfaces can hinder the quality of the stencil. Minor cracks should be filled in and essential repairs need to be seen to before the stencilling can be carried out. There is also a need to ensure surfaces are clean and free from dust and grime.The better the condition of the surface, the better the quality of stencil.


The Positioning of the Stencil


The positioning of your stencil is vital and will reflect on the quality of the finished job. It is important to have your stencil secured firmly in position. It may be advisable to use masking tape or an adhesive to help keep the stencil firmly in place.


Using a Roller on your Stencil


When it comes to stencilling with a roller, it is advisable to start by pouring a small amount of paint on to a palette. Once this is done, place the end of your brush into the paint and to get some colour just on the tips. Before applying the paint it is important to dry the tips using a bit of paper as too much paint on the brush can leave a blemished end result.


It is important to keep in mind that building up colour slowly in layers leads to a more aesthetically pleasing stencil. Using one thick layer of paint can lead to it seeping behind your stencil and ruining the outline of the template.


Using a Spray Paint on your Stencil


Spray painting is another popular means of stencilling. It is important to begin spraying before you reach the stencilling gap and only stop once you’ve passed over to the other side of the opening. Move the spray can smoothly across the stencils and start with light coats.


Certain types of spray paints can lead to dripping causing the paint to drip below the stencil thus ruining the outline of the stencil. It is advisable to keep the can approximately 8-14 inches away from the surface whilst spraying lightly.


The spray paint should be moved evenly from one side to the other ensuring every area in the stencil opening is covered with a healthy layer of paint. In order to prevent the paint from seeping under the stencil, it is important to start with light layers and build up slowly. 


Practice and Practice Again 


Regardless of the type of stencil you are using, always practice beforehand on a piece of paper to ensure you have grasped the correct method of stencilling.


Multi-Coloured Stencils


If you are trying to create a multicoloured stencil, your job is a little trickier. One can use masking tape to cover the different parts of the stencil ensuring each colour only reaches its allocated space.


Build Up Gradually


It is vital to ensure the brush is not overloaded with paint as an excess of paint can lead to the paint seeping under the edges of the stencil. It is important to load the brush with a light touch of paint and apply multiple thin coats rather than one thick one.


Lift the Stencil Carefully


Once you are finished, carefully lift the stencil whilst remaining careful to not brush the edges against the paint. Once you stencil has been removed, step back and admire your work!


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