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Rubber Stamps


Rubber stamps come in various shapes and designs. Rubber stamps are commonly used to mark logos, slogans and signatures. Rubber stamps can be used for different purposes and on different occasions like companyís official seal, clothing marker, birthday design, mark numbers and dates etc.

At Stencil Marking, we provide two main ranges of Rubber Stamps supplied to your requirements:

  • The Trodat Printy Stamps:

    • Adjustable components that permit the user to change the letters/words on the stamp

    • Pre-inking and Self-inking system to enhance the quality and speed of your work

    • Ideal for business and daily uses

    • Can be utilised thousands of times before the cartridge runs out of ink

    • Price: From £15.00

  • The Traditional Rubber Stamps:

      • Need to be pressed first in an ink pad

      • Can be used on an array of surfaces, from clothing and various textiles to ceramic objects.

      • Multiple colour inks can be used with the same stamp

      • Can be customised to your specific requirements

      • Price: From £9.00


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