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Custom Cut Stencils


At Stencil Marking, we offer a specialist customized stencil service that provides quality stencils for a wide range of uses. Each stencil will allow you to recreate a precise image over and over again, saving your considerable time in the process. People use stencilling in variety of creative ways. The list is extensive, and below you can find some of these great ideas with regards to stencil usage.

Donít hesitate to send us your text or your design and we will transform it into a Stencil Format FOR FREE.

Text In Stencil
Design In Stencil
  • Why not use Custom Stencils to promote your Company/ Organisation?

Custom Stencils are a great way to promote your company or your organisation at low cost. As stencils can be used time and time again, they represent great value for money. One common form of stencil is the Logo stencil which businesses often use to mark a variety of equipment from merchandising and packaging to t-shirts and other promotional materials.

You can also use text in your stencil to mark the name of you company/organisation or portray a memorable caption.


  • Why not use Custom Stencils to offer useful information?

Custom stencils can be used to create a variety of useful signs. One common use for custom stencils is to indicate the direction of a particular event or location to ensure guests know exactly where they are going. Stencils are also used for a range of informative purposes - from displaying parking information and notify that a house is for sale to warning people about a potentially frightening pet!

Many stencils are used to indicate important safety information. From pointing out the direction of a fire exit to informing of flammable or explosive ingredients in certain products, these stencils are designed specifically to portray information that is essential for the safety of the public.

We also provide stencils which can be used to mark bins with specific names, numbers or addresses. In the same way, many companies use custom stencils to identify certain vehicles and machinery. Itís simple and practical!

Once you inform us of the message you wish to portray and the dimensions of your stencil, we will create the stencil for you.

  • Why not use Custom Stencils for decorations, crafts and artistic projects?

Custom Stencils are excellent tools that allow you to express your creative side. You can personalise gifts, create some great art projects and, above all, have the satisfaction of having done it yourself! Our stencils are reusable and can be used on a variety of materials.

Many stencils are used for home decor. You can work on the existing decor and bring it up to scratch or create an original and personalized decor to your liking, at a low cost!

Another advantage of custom stencils is that they can be used to mark almost anything, including food and skin! Why not create original stencils for the purpose of creative face painting for children? Similarly, one can use stencils to decorate cakes and other food items in an imaginative fashion.

Looking for more ideas? Well, you can also use stencils to mark different types of cards, clothes and bags and really bring these items to life!

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