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Branding Irons


The functional and flexible nature of modern branding irons has ensured

they are now popular with companies across a wide spectrum of industries.

Whether you want to imprint your brand logo or your trademark, you can

now brand you message with simplicity and great efficiency.

  • Branding Irons Uses:

  • Branding irons are used to mark surfaces for an array of different purposes. Most commonly used to identify a product with a certain brand or company, branding irons can be used on all types of materials – from wood and plastic to rubber and leather.

    They represent a quick and efficient method for companies to promote their brand on their products. They are also useful when it comes to tracking lost goods as the branding logo will automatically inform the public as to the original manufacturer of the goods.

  • Our Types of Branding Irons:

    • Electric Branding Irons: They use a form of electrical heating to warm the branding iron to the required temperature. The temperature is controlled via electrical switches and heat levels are adjusted according to the material which is begin branded. This particular method is common due to the ease with which it can be applied.

    • Fire Branding Irons: They are generally more time-consuming that their electrical counterparts. They take longer to heat and are traditionally used to brand livestock and certain woods and plastics.

    • Gas Branding Irons: This particular type of branding iron is usually used when electrical branding irons are not available.

  • Further Information:

  • Typically an electric branding iron is ready for use about 20 minutes after having been switched on. Our various branding irons can be used to mark various materials including leather, plastic, wood and an array of food items. We also offer branding tools that come with interchangeable branding heads. These interchangeable heads allow you to use the iron to brand different logos or messages.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to call us at 01215239900

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